We do offer a complete internal storage solution inside our protected Charlotte storage facility. Please call us at 704-778-5433 to arrange for your household goods to be held and stored at our Charlotte storage facility.

So many of our customers need a short or long-term, secure, clean storage solution that is close to their new or old home.

Introducing Our Store It™ Partners

Researched, Registered & Reliable!

Each one of our Store It™ storage partners has met our requirements in providing excellent customer service.

How is Each Storage Provider Certified for the Program?

We have an 8-point program that each of our Store It™ storage partners must meet and maintain. The Store It™ Partner program includes:

  • Must offer climate and/or non-climate controlled storage units
  • Must have locked, lighted and secured entry/exit points for customers
  • Must be locally-owned and operated
  • Must have fire suppression and monitoring agreements
  • Must have involved management operating the facility on a day-to-day basis
  • Must have paved parking lots and lighted parking
  • Must maintain total cleanliness of storage units and property
  • Must offer 24-hour controlled access for our customers

We are serious about extending the Moving Simplified moving services program to qualified, professional storage units that want to participate in our Store It™ storage program. If it involves our customers, we want it to be first class, convenient, secure and professional.

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