Packing is the first step to a successful move. Moving Simplified sells a full line of packing materials which we will deliver free to your home. You will also be able to sit with a representative who will answer any and all questions you might have!

Moving Simplified offers our moving customers three levels of professional packing services from Full Pack to Partial Pack to Full Unpacking!

Proper Packing Makes Your Move Simpler!

All successful moves start with a successful pack job. Moving Simplified has gone above and beyond in making this a stress-free process. We offer several different services, all of which are based on your specific needs.

When it comes to packing, you have several options. Customers needs range from simply purchasing the correct materials from your local Moving Simplified office and following our Do-It-Yourself section to complete the packing on your own, to jobs where the customer sits back and chooses not to touch a thing!

Full Pack

This service is customized for customers who choose not to lift a finger. We will send out our packing specialists to pack the entire contents of your home. We will supply all the materials needed for a successful packing job.

Partial Pack

This service is for customers who are willing to complete the packing portion on their own, but move day is quickly approaching and packing has not received the attention you had planned, or you have worries that you are unsure of how to safely pack those fragile items.


After everything else that goes into moving, unpacking is the last thing that you want to take care of, but it must be done! We can provide you with trained packing specialists to assist with all the unpacking needed to settle into your new home.

All of our packing specialists are full-time, trained employees who've been thoroughly background checked and drug screened prior to entering your home.

We also offer last-minute packing service!

Looking for our moving services? It's right here!

Moving Simplified offers the widest variety of moving supplies available. We will also deliver these supplies to your home free of charge* and give you a sit-down with a Moving Simplified packing specialist!.

Moving Simplified Sells Better Moving & Packing Supplies

Our packing specialists have been professionally trained and have the knowledge needed to answer any questions you may have. Our philosophy of providing a total moving service solution rings true all the way through providing moving supplies and materials as well! Don't worry about purchasing too many boxes either! We will buy back any unused boxes that we sell you for your move! We also purchase and sell gently-used boxes to help give you the most cost-efficient move possible.

In the moving industry there are an assortment of different boxes designed specifically for any type of item. Each box is designed specifically for a certain type of item. Below is information on which boxes work best for which items. We have also created a printable “Packing Inventory Checklist” which gives you a room-by-room checklist of how many of which boxes are needed.

Moving Simplified in Charlotte sells moving supplies and boxes like the Small Box, which is most commonly used to pack smaller, heavier items like books and canned foods.

Small Box

Most commonly used to pack smaller, heavier items like books and canned foods.

Moving Simplified in Charlotte is the professional local and long distance moving company that sells moving supplies and boxes like this Medium Box, perfect to pack pots and pans and household decorations!

Medium Box

Most commonly used to pack pots & pans, household decorations, and kid's toys.

Moving Simplified in Charlotte is the professional choice for local and long distance moves since we sell affordable moving supplies and boxes, like this Large Box which is perfect for packing larger, lighter items like linens, larger toys and shoes!

Large & XL Boxes

Most commonly used to pack larger, lighter items such as linens, larger toys, shoes.

Wardrobe Boxes

Most commonly used to pack any clothes you have hanging inside your closets. This is not a worry for customers who choose to use our moving services, because our trucks come equipped with several wardrobe boxes and our movers will load and unload your clothing on your move date!

Dish Packs

Designed with heavy duty lining to help safely pack your kitchen ware, dishes and glasses.

Picture Packs

Come in several sizes and are used to safely pack paintings and large pictures of all sizes.

After spending the time of gather the correct boxes, they will do you no good unless you have:

  • Packing tape to secure the boxes
  • Packing paper and bubble wrap to protect the belongings inside the box
  • A permanent ink marker to list the contents of each box

This section is made specifically for those of you who want to tackle the packing process on your own.

How To Pack-It Yourself

Charlotte moving company Moving Simplified offers several levels of professional packing services for your next move!

Step 1: Review Moving Simplified's "Choosing the Correct Packing Materials Guide"

The first step in a successful packing job is choosing the correct materials. Our "Choosing the Correct Packing Materials" guide was created specifically for this purpose This was created in hopes of giving everyone, not only our customers, a stress-free, error-free packing experience.

Step 2: Use Our "Packing Inventory Checklist" to Help You Plan Each Room

The next step is to determine the amount of supplies you will need to safely pack your home. Moving Simplified has created a "Packing Inventory Checklist" which you can print and use for this purpose. We recommend that you do a walk through of your home, room-by-room marking off which size boxes will be need for each room.

Step 3: Call Moving Simplified to Order Your Supplies

After completing the inventory of your home, and getting an idea on the amount of boxes and supplies you will need, we recommend calling your local Moving Simplified office to place an order. We sell a full line of packing materials and will deliver them to your home.

Step 4: Set up a "Packing Station"

Now that you have gathered everything needed to safely pack your home, we recommend packing your home room-by-room. Start in each room by setting up your Packing Station. This will consist of a small table and all of the materials you've purchased for the job. This helps with keeping everything organized and saves your back the pain of bending up and down for hours. Again, we want to make your moving and packing as stress-free as possible!

Step 5: Watch Our "Proper Packing Techniques" Video

This is where you dive head-first into packing your belongings. We understand that each item you pack is a different weight, size, and value, and it is hard to know where to start! We created several videos on how to pack your items correctly. Start by watching our "Proper Packing Techniques" video to learn proper techniques for the different sized boxes you will be using. The other videos are to show you how to pack those odd items.

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