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Moving Simplified
Our Companies mission is to remove stress from the moving industry. We feel that keeping our customers informed about all of the details help to give each customer an affordable and stress free moving experience. We’ve made it a priority to inform each customer of what to expect on moving day. Our company has created a Guide
Video on this subject. All the information can also be found below.

What You Can Expect on Move Day

Our Companies Moving Truck

In our companies efforts to provide you with the most stress-free & affordable move, we guarantee that all movers sent to your home or office will have the required knowledge, manpower, experience and equipment to help safely complete your move.
On the morning of your move, you can expect our companies clean moving trucks to arrive on time, fully equipped with:

  • - Tools (electric screwdriver, channel locks & pliers, Hex key set, etc.)
  • - Dollies (forearm forklifts, shoulder dollies, two wheel & 4 wheel dollies)
  • - Wardrobe boxes to save you the hassle of packing your hanging closet clothes
  • - 80 clean, quilt-padded furniture pads
  • - Dozens of moving bands to secure your belongings
  • - Several rolls of shrink wrap for safely wrapping and protecting fragile items

Your Movers are Our Employees™!

Charlotte NC # 1 Movers at our Company Moving Simplified

Each of the movers sent to your home is a full-time, uniformed moving specialist employed by our company, Moving Simplified. Each of the movers is owner-approved to not only meet the physical demands of the job, but to also be friendly, respectful and presentable to safely enter your home!

Licensed, Insured, & Affordable Moving Company

Finally, an Addendum to Lading will be signed prior to any of your belongings being touched, giving you three (3) different insurance options on your move, one of which being full valuation coverage!

Our Company also offers several more guides and Videos at our companies website

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