Charlotte Speciality Movers 704-778-5433As many Charlotte homeowners discover, not all items can be easily moved. Some items can’t be simply put into a box and moved. Some items require special planning and skills to move safely. A top Charlotte speciality moving company like Moving Simplified can help you with these items!

Moving Simplified specializes in moving pool tables, pianos, gun safes, antiques, and anything else heavy or specialized that you can throw at us!

“Moving speciality items like pianos and pool tables is an artform in itself,” says Eric Snider of Moving Simplified. “Our professional movers have gone through extensive training and have years of experience moving every type of item imaginable. Moving Simplified takes pride in making sure that your priceless possessions are delivered damage-free and in perfect working condition.”

Below are a few of the speciality moving services we offer.

Charlotte Gun Safe Moving

Moving Simplified is one of the top Charlotte gun safe movers and specializes in moving all types of gun safes. We take the time to plan out each gun safe move and ensure we have all of the proper equipment to safely complete the job. Each move includes a company-owned moving van, full-time employees with experience moving hundreds of safes, several dollies, door jambs, and floor protectors.

Charlotte Pool Table Moving

Pool tables are one of the most difficult items to move. They often weigh around 800 pounds and special knowledge is required to safely move them. For example, pool tables must be leveled during the reassembly process to ensure a perfectly flat playing surface. If this isn’t done correctly, the table will be unusable.

Charlotte Pool Table Movers 704-778-5433Moving Simplified specializes in moving pool tables for Greater Charlotte residents. Our experienced pool table movers know how to safely disassemble, package, transport, and reassemble your pool table. Each move includes a company owned moving truck, two pool table moving specialists, and all of the equipment necessary to safely move your pool table with zero damage.

In addition to moving pool tables, Moving Simplified also provides in-home pool table assembly and re-felting services.

Charlotte Piano Moving

Moving a piano is as much an art form as it is a science. Unlike normal furniture, pianos require special attention when being moved. Navigating all of the dangers involved in moving a piano requires special knowledge and equipment.

Moving Simplified specializes in moving smaller spinet pianos, upright pianos, baby grand pianos and grand pianos. Each employee has completed our Moving Simplified University, ensuring they have the knowledge and skills to safely move your piano.

Between the instrument’s massive weight, the irregular shape, the fragile internal components, and the value associated with a piano, there is a lot to take into consideration to ensure a safe move. Let the trained professionals at Moving Simplified take care of it for you! We will provide you with a company-owned moving truck, trained piano moving specialists, and all of the equipment needed.

Other Speciality Moving Services

Below are a few examples of other speciality items that Moving Simplified has successfully moved:

  • Hot Tubs
  • Tanning Salons
  • Play Sets
  • Arcade Machines
  • Full-Size Taxidermy Animals
  • Mixed Martial Arts Cages

To learn more about Moving Simplified’s speciality moving services, call Eric Snider at 704-778-5433 or use the contact form on our website. We look forward to helping you ensure that your move is safe and stress-free!