Moving Budget Tips from Moving SimplifiedMoving can be an expensive endeavor. With most large expenses in life, it is common to create a budget. However, moving does not seem to following this trend. As the top Lake Norman moving company, we frequently find that people don’t bother to create a budget for their Lake Norman moves.

The most common reason we hear is that people don’t feel like they have time to create a budget before they move. As soon as they set an official move date, they start packing or making arrangements for the move. Neglecting to create a budget, however, can end up costing you more, as small costs can quickly add up. Based on our years of experience, we recommend taking the time to create a moving budget.

“We’ve worked with many people who meticulously follow a budget in their day-to-day lives but completely skip over creating one for their move,” says Eric Snider of Moving Simplified. “Taking the time to plan out your expenses and create a moving budget can eliminate an enormous amount of stress. If nothing else, knowing what you expect to spend can provide you with piece of mind.”

Below are some of the expenses to take into consideration when creating your moving budget.

Using a Lake Norman Moving Company

Moving Budget Tips from Moving SimplifiedIf you’re hiring a Lake Norman moving company, like Moving Simplified, to assist you, you’ll want to consider the following expenses:

  • Moving Company Fee – You should get several estimates before selecting a moving company. In addition to finding the most affordable price, it’s also important to consider which moving company is going to provide you with the most stress-free move. There are plenty of sources of stress during a move and your moving company should not be one of them!
  • Additional Insurance – Find out your coverage amount and decide whether you need additional coverage.
  • Extra Services – This many include moving specialty items like pianos, gun safes, or pool tables.

DIY Moves

If you decide to move yourself, consider the following expenses:

  • Truck Rental – Get several estimates before selecting the truck rental company.
  • Gas – When getting estimates, ask the rental companies about the gas mileage of their trucks. If you calculate how many miles you will be traveling, you can get a reasonable estimate of your fuel costs.
  • Insurance – Check with your home insurance or renter’s insurance company to determine whether your items are covered when moving. If not, consider getting additional coverage.
  • Additional Equipment – Determine whether you will need to rent additional equipment such as a dolly or mattress covers.

Travel Expenses

When creating your moving budget, consider the following travel expenses:

  • Lodging – If you plan on traveling for more than one day, consider the cost of hotels. Using online tools, you can typically get cheaper rates and save some money.
  • Food – Consider the cost of meals and snacks along the way.

You should also take into consideration any additional travel expenses you may incur, such as child or pet care and any temporary housing.

Packing Supplies

Finally, you should consider the costs associated with your packing supplies. These expenses may include the cost of boxes, bubble wrap, tape, and any other moving supplies.

To learn more about how Moving Simplified can provide you with an affordable, stress-free move, call Eric Snider at 704-778-5433 or use the contact form on our website. We look forward to showing you why we are consistently ranked as one of the top Lake Norman moving companies!