Charlotte Gun Safe Movers 704-778-5433Just like the weapons that are kept inside, gun safes can be extremely dangerous items, especially when moving them. They are bulky and heavy, many weighing upwards of 1000 pounds. Attempting to move one without the proper training or tools can result in harm to you or to the gun safe itself. Moving gun safes is an art form and should only be attempted by trained professionals.

Charlotte gun safe movers Moving Simplified specialize in moving all types of gun safes. We take the time to plan out each gun safe move and ensure we have all of the proper equipment to safely complete the job. Each move includes a company-owned moving van, full-time employees with experience moving hundreds of safes, several dollies, door jambs, and floor protectors.

“Gun safes are some of the most dangerous items to move,” says Eric Snider of Moving Simplified. “When you’re dealing with an item that can weigh 1,000 pounds and is that bulky, your chances of being injured are very high. We strongly suggest that anyone who needs to move a gun safe allow trained professionals to handle it.”

Below are a few tips for preparing to move a gun safe. They should help ensure that it is moved as safely and efficiently as possible.

Charlotte Gun Safe Movers 704-778-5433Determine Gun Safe Make & Model

Before calling Moving Simplified, it is important to determine the make and model of your gun safe. If you are unable to do this, try to determine the exact weight and dimensions of the safe. This information is necessary so that Moving Simplified can properly prepare for your move and ensure we have all of the needed manpower and equipment on move day.

Identify Gun Safe’s Current Location & Destination

We also ask that you provide us with a clear description of the gun safe’s current location and destination. This information should include the floor the gun safe is located on, how many stairs will be involved, and whether the driveway is accessible by truck.

Remove All Contents

Each customer is required to remove all contents from their safe prior to moving day. During the moving process, each safe will be tipped at an angle and can cause damage to any items inside.

Another reason for removing all of the items from the safe is to reduce the weight. Also, any items in the safe are likely to shift while it is being carried, suddenly shifting the weight load and endangering the people carrying it.

If you need help removing the items kept in the gun safe, Moving Simplified offers packing services through our Pack It™ program and would be happy to bring the materials needed to pack the safe’s contents for you and safely transport them.

“Since 2007, Moving Simplified has successfully completed hundreds of gun safe moves and knows how to tackle any problem that may arise. Each of our employees has completed our Moving Simplified University, ensuring they have the knowledge and skills necessary to properly move your gun safe.”

To learn more about how Moving Simplified’s trained professionals can move your gun safe, please call Eric Snider at 704-778-5433 or use the contact form on our website. We look forward to making sure your gun safe is delivered damage-free!