Piano Movers CharlotteWhen a car engine won’t start, most Charlotte residents take their cars to properly trained mechanics. When those people are sick, they usually go to a doctor. When you need to move a piano, why wouldn’t you seek the help of trained professionals?

Moving a piano is as much an art form as it is a science. Unlike normal furniture, pianos require special attention when being moved. Navigating all of the dangers involved in moving a piano requires special knowledge and equipment.

Moving Simplified can provide you with the trained piano moving specialists and equipment necessary to safely move your piano.

“Moving Simplified specializes in moving smaller spinet pianos, upright pianos, baby grand pianos and grand pianos,” says Eric Snider, owner of Moving Simplified. “Each employee has completed our Moving Simplified University, ensuring they have the knowledge and skills to safely move your piano.”

Below are a few of the reasons you should only trust trained professional piano movers, like Moving Simplified, with moving your piano.

Pianos Are Exceptionally Valuable Items

Charlotte Piano Moving CompanyA piano can be valuable in several different ways. First, it can be monetarily valuable. The biggest factor used to determine how much a piano is worth is its overall condition. If your piano is damaged during the move, it can have a significant impact on the piano’s value.

Second, and most importantly, a piano can hold tremendous sentimental value. Anyone who has taken piano lessons as a child can attest to the memories of hours spent sitting in front of the piano. While some may not describe those as pleasant memories, many look back fondly.

Pianos Are Extremely Heavy

Pianos are among the heaviest items in your house. A spinet version can weigh as much as 500 lbs. A full upright piano can weigh up to 1,000 lbs, while a grand piano can be expected to tip the scales at around 1,500 lbs.

The extraordinary weight of a piano, coupled with its irregular shape, means that the chances of a serious injury during the moving process are very likely. Further, this injury may be to the person attempting to move it or to the piano itself.

Pianos Are Very Fragile

Lake Norman Piano MoversPianos are sensitive instruments with delicate wood framing. There are thousands of parts that make up the internal workings of a piano. Due to this, special care is required when moving pianos to protect the instrument’s structure and soundboard.

Between the instrument’s massive weight, the irregular shape, the fragile internal components, and the value associated with a piano, there is a lot to take into consideration to ensure a safe move. Let the trained professionals at Moving Simplified take care of it for you! We will provide you with a company-owned moving truck, trained piano moving specialists, and all of the equipment needed.

To learn more about how Moving Simplified can safely move your piano, please call Eric Snider at 704-778-5433 or use the contact form on our website. We look forward to making sure your priceless possessions are delivered damage-free and in perfect working condition!