Charlotte moving company Moving Simplified removes stress from your next move with our Google Places site!Our society is moving so quickly…we want everything right now! Our mobile phones are becoming the most important tool for keeping our lives organized, in-touch, and informed.

Google Places from Google is a wonderful online tool that we really embrace at Moving Simplified. Next to our main website, Google Places is where a great deal of our new clients look first! And we want to give you the best information in the quickest way possible about how we can provide a professional and stress-free moving experience when you’re ready to move.

You may have seen these cool-looking “bar codes” popping up on the web and around Charlotte and Huntersville. They’re called QR Codes (Quck Recognition codes). This is one of the latest technical innovations from Google…and it is amazing! Using your smart phone, justCharlotte moving company Moving Simplified with our Google Places QR Code for your smart phone QR Code reader application! download a free QR Code reader from the App store. There are several to use…just make sure to get the QR Code Reader that is designed for your smart phone!

Then you just launch the QR Code Reader application on your smart phone and hold it up to the QR Code that you want to read. Presto! It will take you directly to our Google Places page for Moving Simplified! Then you can automatically call or email us from that page. Pretty cool stuff.

Remember that Moving Simplified offers next-day and same-day moves (when able) to help you move quickly, efficiently and affordably! Plus if you move with us on a Monday through Wednesday, you can save 15% off your total move! Just call us at 704-778-5433 or email us at !