Charlotte moving company Moving Simplified moves your family and business local and long distance in Greater Charlotte.Charlotte Moving Company Moving Simplified – Free Moving Quotes

The cost of your move is very often a determining factor in which moving company you choose. Choosing the cheapest mover, however, is not always the best route, and without proper knowledge, it’s possible you’re in for a big surprise upon job completion! Local moves are based off hourly rates and long distance moves are quoted by the estimated weight of your shipment. In both cases, without an estimate, you are required to pay the full amount regardless of what was discussed. Moving Simplified offers free in-home moving estimates when we will give you a quoted, not-to-exceed rate on all moves.

Your Mover is Our Employee, Full-time and Owner-approved!

We feel that providing our customers with clean-cut, trained, professional movers is our biggest concern. All movers have passed Moving Simplified University and are owner-approved based on many factors, including proper work ethic and personality. This method gives you a safe and enjoyable moving experience! – Eric Snider, Moving Simplified CEO

All Belongings are Quilt-Padded and Shrink-Wrapped for Protection!

  • The safety of your belongings is another major concern to us. Our moving specialists have years of experience and the proper
  • training to ensure the safety of your belongings. Each item is quilt-padded and shrink-wrapped prior to the item exiting your
  • home. We also use door jamb and banister protectors to keep your home safe.

We Disassemble and Reassemble All Items!

  1. Our moving specialists are trained and equipped to disassemble and reassemble all beds, washers, dryers, mirrors, and anything
  2. else needed. You are “the boss” and choose where each item is placed. All moves end with a post job walk through to ensure
  3. nothing was overlooked, and that upon our movers departure, no heavy lifting or moving is required by you.

You Have Full Access to Your Wardrobe on Moving Day, During the Move, and on Move-in Day!

At Moving Simplified, we understand that with all of your belongings packed, and with everything else going on during the move, that every little thing helps. We have procedures in place that give you full access to your clothing at all times during your move. We do not require for any drawers to be emptied. We also equip our trucks with several wardrobe boxes for your use, and we have trained our movers to check all closets for any remaining clothing, and then safely pack them in wardrobe boxes to load and then unload them into your new closet.